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Compliance Registers

Standard set of regisers to ensure your RTO's compliance requirements are upheld.

Simplified Workflows

View, update and approve files from a central location.

Custom Branding

RTOintranet is branded to align with your company images.

Submission System

A web-based solution for data processing tasks.


RTOintranet is an efficient Information Management System, designed specifically for use in the RTO environment. RTOintranet will streamline your company's processes and provide a central location to manage your company's documents, resources and compliance registers.


So4p Extension

Submit Online 4 Processing ("soap") is an online submissions system which allows your trainers to lodge enrolment, update and closure paperwork to a data processing service or your administration team. Once lodged, the data processing team are able to download the paperwork, process the data into your student management software, and save an electronic copy of the paperwork as a client record. SOAP enables your RTO to eliminate paper based data management systems, provides a robust framework for internal and external processes, and increases productivity.

SO4P can be included with RTOintranet, but is also available as a stand-alone system.




Please browse the demonstration and feel free to try the enrolment process. If you provide a valid email address when enrolling, we will be able to contact you for feedback.

The RTOintranet demo allows you to browse a fully functional version of the standard product. Review all features, including the document manager, compliance registers, calendars and reporting.

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  • Password: facilitator
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